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The Riotous Retro Radio Recreation



This time


“On Another Planet”


After delighting and bemusing audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe

 and the Manchester Comedy Festival, and fresh from the delights


of rural Clayworth and high class Harrogate spa,




The Wireless Times team visit Mansfield as part of the


Nottingham Comedy Festival.


The Wireless Times outside broadcast team welcomes you as the


audience for a live broadcast to the nation 1930’s style.



 As our audience you will have an opportunity to support your own


local programs and hear the latest in broadcast technologies direct


from the London studios.



Following the recent discovery of the last fundamental particle of


the atom, the neutron, tonight’s drama presentation will have a


distinctly science fiction flavor.



And as ever in live broadcasting everything could go to plan


but probably won’t.



In your seats please by 7.30 on air at 7.45



What people have said:


I’ve never seen a team with better faces for radio.”


 “I laughed so much; I nearly dropped my coconut shells!”